Car Magic Clay Bar Pad Auto Cleaning Sponge Wax Polishing Pads

Car Magic Clay Bar Pad Auto Cleaning Sponge Wax Polishing Pads

Model No.︰BT-6027

Brand Name︰MARFLO

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 1 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Wool trays and sponge trays are tools that must be used in store construction. Wool trays and sponge trays each have their advantages and disadvantages. The scratches they target are also different. When choosing, you also need to judge the choice based on the scratch depth of the paint surface.

1. Let's first understand a basic structure of the paint surface. The bottom layer is steel plate, middle coating, primer, color paint, and varnish. The wool disc and sponge disc both need to be used with a polishing machine. Repairing scratches is mainly used for polishing on the varnish or clear lacquer.

2. The equipment needed to cooperate with the wool pan and the sponge pan is a polishing machine. The polishing machine is divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. In the first words, the horizontal type was used, and the horizontal type was also called European style. The vertical style is also called Japanese style. Nowadays, more professional stores basically use vertical polishing machines. Because the entire center of gravity of the vertical polishing machine is on the top, it is relatively quick to repair the scratches on the head cover. When the scratches on the upper part are relatively deep, the wool disc is chosen. Its cutting force will be relatively large, and the repair will be relatively quick. Of course, you must choose suitable materials, otherwise the damage to the paint will be great.

3. Sponge discs are generally used when the scratches on the body are not very serious.

However, when doing high-end projects such as coating and crystal plating, you need to use a wool disk to handle relatively deep scratches, and then use a sponge disk to process. It is better to use the combination of two types of discs during construction. The choice of wool dish and sponge dish is also divided into coarse dish, middle dish and thin dish. The corresponding construction materials are also divided into rough-cut abrasives, mid-cut polishes and fine-cut reducing agents, so be careful when choosing products.

When selecting tool materials for construction, it is necessary to judge the paint condition first, and then use suitable tool products to repair.

Car Magic Clay Bar Pad Auto Cleaning Sponge Wax Polishing Pads

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