Magic clay block car washer sponge washing cleaning sponge block car Automobile

How to use the magic clay block?
1)Magic clay block is more easy than magic caly is better for DIY wash user.
2)Traditional magic clay car easy stick contaminants in wash process.and need to roll up roll up.magic clay bar is easy,need not roll up in wash process.
3)If magic clay bar drop on ground.some stand stick on the clay bar .if magic clay block drop on ground,you just use water to wash it.
4) It is also fast wash in cleaning process,easy and effective.

1) Wash away dirt and sand from car thoroughly. Do not wipe dry;
2) Soak the magic clay bar (cloth,mitt, block, pad,towel) completely in water or car wash liquid and gently wipe over the whole car (including windscreen and windows)
3) During use, soak the magic clay cloth again and rinse with water before continue using to avoid dirt particles from scratching the paint
4) After wiping over the whole car, rinse car again with water;
5) The whole car should be wiped dry before waxing begins;
6) Any scratches or white spots found can be removed by using car wax;
Main Component: Nano polymeric adhesive, ultra-fine fibre cloth, sponge.
Expiration Date: Store in cool, dry place to preserve product durability.

​1) Do not use together with petroleum-based cleaning agent (such as asphalt cleanser or car polish)
2) Wipe gentle and do not apply high pressure when using product to prevent scratching;
3) If any scratches occur, apply fine car wax to remove the scratch on the car body;
4) Do not place the product (magic clay pad, magic clay towel, magic clay block magic clay mitt) in high temperatures above 40 degrees cover a long period.
5) Avoid washing or waxing your car under sunny or high temperatures.
6) When product is found to be severely soiled upon use, replace immediately to avoid scratching car paint;
7) Wring dry after use and store in original container.