Auto Beauty Waxing Polishing Wheel Polisher Sponge Ball Grinding Wheel Mirror

[use] :
1: suitable for waxing, polishing, sealing glaze
2: pneumatic or electric polishing machine all can use
3: wax products, suggest to use the 1000-1500 revolutions per minute
4: the product polishing, suggest using 1500-2000 revolutions per minute
5: when cleaning products, only can use cold water for 15 to 25 degrees

In order to guarantee the polishing effect, the vehicle must be clean thoroughly before waxing.
(1) be polished clean bright:
(2) to tiny scratches, can play to mark the polishing, such as a new effect:
(3) with polishing liquid, paste, powder with better effect.
Scope of application:
(1) glass polishing, FRP polishing;
(2) stainless steel polishing, home appliance plastic shell polishing;
(3) the industrial products, furniture polish, polishing, car maintenance, beauty, etc.