Buffing Pads Kit 5Pcs Magic Clay Bar Pads Heavy Cutting Foam Pads 6Inch150mm

【Instructions for use】:
1: Suitable for waxing, polishing and sealing glaze
2: Air or electric polishing machine can be used
3: When the product is waxed, it is recommended to use 1000-1500 rpm
4: When the product is polishing, it is recommended to use 1500-2000 rpm
5: When cleaning the product, only use cold water 15-25 degrees
In order to ensure the polishing effect, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned before waxing.
(1) The object to be polished is clean and bright:
(2) It can throw away the tiny scratches, which has the effect of removing the marks and polishing as new:
(3) The effect is better when used together with polishing liquid, paste and powder.
Scope of application:
(1) Glass polishing, FRP polishing;
(2) Polishing of stainless steel and plastic housing of household appliances;
(3) Industrial products, furniture polishing, car polishing, car maintenance, beauty, etc.