Car styling magic clay bar,Manual auto detail clean tools,Volcanic mud reuse gel


The magic clay bar is made by Brilliatech using

nanotechnology . Combination of special nano-ingre dients w

ith the pneumatic polisher produces the best cleaning result

with surface , speed and amazing cleaning ability . Easily

removes contaminants accumlated on car paint for a long

period of time such as dirt particles , metal particles,

industrial etc.,leaving a siky smooth finish immediately .

Can be used to substitute wax abrasives or traditional clay

bars which can be inconvenient to use.

Direction :

1)Wash away dirt and sand from car thoroughly . Do not

wipe dry;

2 ) Soak the magic clay bar completely in water or car wash

liquid and gently wipe over the whole car ( including

windscreen and windows );

3)During use , soak the magic clay bar again and rinse with

water before continue using to avoid dirt particles from

scratching the paint;

4 ) After wiping over the whole car , rinse car again with


5 ) The whole car should be wiped dry before waxing begins;

6 ) Any scratches or white spots found can be removed by

using car wax;
Main Component : Nano polymeric adhesive ,

ultra-fine fibre cloth , sponge .
Expiration Date : Store in cool ,

dry place to preserve product durability.

Caution :

1 ) Do not use together with petroleum-based cleaning agent (

such as as phalt cleanser or car polish );

2 ) Wipe gentle and do not apply high pressure when using

product to prevent scratching ;

3 ) If any scratches occur,apply fine car wax to remove the

scratch on the car body;

4 ) Do not place the magic clay mitt in high temperatures

above 40 degrees cover a long period;

5 ) Avoid washing or waxing your car under sunny or high


6 ) When product is found to be severely soiled upon use ,

replace immediately to avoid scratching car paint;

7 ) Wring dry after use and store in original container;