use clay bar
clay bar manual

How to use Clay Mate?  
take the Clay Mate to 350ml-1500ml water. 
it will be a nice lubricnats for clay products.the PH valume is 7. safety a lubericants. 
use the lubricants with clay products. 

Step 1: take water into spray bottle about 3/4 bottle. 
Step 2: take a piece of Clay Mate to spray bottle and wait for 5-10 minutes. 
Step 3: the clay mate slove with water. it is a kind of clay lubricant.

if you want to use the lubricants in Dense , you can take little water 350ml. 
if you feel the car body is good station, you also can take more water to 1500ml

Magic clay bars: Fine, Medium, Heavy,King1, King2. Piont clay(MARK: heavy is 80g bar)
They are same wash steps; same method of use, also same method of storage.
But the cutting power and usage time is a little different. 
1) Magic Clay Bar of MARFLO: have fine, medium,heavy and King1,king2 grades;
please check the cutting power and useage time.
Cutting power: fine > medium and King2 > heavy > king1
Useage time: heavy > king1 > king2 > medium > fine.