Brilliatech take the different clay of the microfiber towel, mitt and change thickness of the material to achieve more removal power.  
Fine grade of the clay towel: it is a kind soft clay on the towel,it can removal contaminants well.
Medium grade of the clay towel: it remove the contaminants easy and fast. 
Heavy grade of the clay towel: it is almost same as medium.we just adjust the thickness of the clay and towels. 
The King series are use a new material,it more smoon and the cost also higher that fine, medium and heavy. 
King1: a new material with the clay, let it more removal power. clean the paint surface easy and quickly. 
King2: King2 and King3 almost same, but the clay on the towel is differnt surface. K2 more dense of the handle feeling.
King3: handle feeling more smoonth and the removal power is very good.
Point: Point type clay on the towel or mitts.  different customer different feeling


King clay towels with different effective.   we develp it in 2022.  
all King towels  with different feeling.  K1  k2 3 of the clay towel. 
it is fast to removal the contaminants.  
very good of the clay towel and cloths.  
we also apply it with mitt for clay mitt. 

clay towels
clay cloth