Clay bars: Every clay bar has a story in Brilliatech.

We collect clay bars from different countries, different companies.

We have been trying to doing a Knid clay clay to satisfy our customers.

In 2022, we will release a Knid Clay bar K3 which is suitbale for wide range.

Use more times, removal in a good handle feeling .

Magic Clay bars: Fine, Medium, Heavy, King1, King2. Piont clay (MARK: weight 80g bar)

They are the same washing steps,the same use method , and storage method is the same. , but the cutting power and usage time is a little different.

1) MARFLO Clay Bar: there are fine, medium, heavy and King1, King2 grades,

Please check the cutting power and useage time.

Cutting power: fine > medium and King2 > heavy > king1

Useage time: heavy > king1 > king2 > medium > fine.

Piont Clay bar: It has some polishing elements in the clay. It's quick to remove, but it polishes the paints.

All MARFLO magic clay bar made by Briliatech.

fine clay towel
medium clay towel
Clay Towel
Clay Cloth
clay microfiber