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OEM means that brand producers do not directly produce products, but instead use their "key core technology" to design and develop new products, control sales "channels", and have limited production capacity, even without workshops, production lines, employees, etc. In order to increase production and sales, win market time, and reduce the risk of new and inferior products, we entrust other similar product manufacturers to produce through contract orders, and directly affix our own brand trademarks after the ordered products are bought out at low prices.

This kind of cooperation method of entrusting others to produce is called OEM, and the manufacturer that undertakes this processing task is called OEM manufacturer, and the products it produces are OEM products.magic clay,detailing clay,Car washing mud,car cleaning clay,clay bar

ODM means that after a certain manufacturer designs a certain product, in some cases it may be favored by other companies, requiring the latter's brand name to be used for production, or to slightly modify the original design and then go online. Among them, manufacturers that undertake design and manufacturing business are called ODM manufacturers, and the products they produce are ODM products.

The product solution designed by the ODM manufacturer can be provided to the brand owner in a buy-out or non-buy-out manner:magic clay,detailing clay,Car washing mud,car cleaning clay,clay bar

Buyout method: The brand owner buys out the design of a certain model product that the ODM manufacturer has ready, or the brand owner separately requires the ODM manufacturer to design a product plan for itself.

Non-buy-out method: The brand owner does not buy out the design of a certain model product of the ODM manufacturer, and the ODM manufacturer can sell the design of the same model product to other brands at the same time in a non-buy-out manner. When these two or more brands share a design, the difference between the products of the two brands is mainly in appearance.

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In the industrial society, OEM and ODM are commonplace. Because of the consideration of manufacturing cost, transportation convenience, and saving development time, well-known brand companies are generally willing to find other manufacturers for OEM or ODM.